D'Andrews Bakery & Cafe

D'Andrews Bakery & Cafe


Website: https://dandrewsbakery.com/

 (615) 375-4934

 555 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219

After spending years honing his craft in New York City, native son David Andrews returned to Nashville to open a modern bakery with a southern sensibility. D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe, located in downtown Nashville, offers customers everything from delicious pastries to sandwiches on freshly-baked bread.

David prides himself in bringing recipes, similar to those in top New York restaurants, to his customers here in Nashville. Using the best ingredients in his dishes, David ensures he is offering his guests superior desserts and pastries. Everything in the store is made in-house and nothing pre-made is shipped in. D’Andrews seasons and roasts the meats for the sandwiches, while also making the mayo, dijonnaise and pepper jelly toppings. D’Andrews also makes the dressings for the salads, the jams for the pop tarts and macarons, and the syrups for the coffee.

This modern bakery is known for their hand-crafted treats, including an adorable (and delicious) French Bulldog macaron modeled after David’s dog, Miss Dixie. However, the bakery was designed to also serve as a café for breakfast and lunch in the bustling downtown neighborhood and business district.  Additionally, for those too busy to leave the office, D’Andrews offers convenient online ordering directly from their website. Everything in the store is fresh and made in-house. Order a box of coffee and breakfast sandwiches for your next company meeting or a custom cake for your next party!

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D'Andrews Bakery & Cafe

555 Church Street

Nashville, TN 37219