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The Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library has a long and storied history. After several attempts to start a library, the permanent library opened its doors in the basement of the courthouse offices of Judge C. W. Tyler on September 12, 1894. The first librarian was Miss Sina Harvey.  

The library remained in that location until 1900, when it moved to the home of J. C. Atkinson on the corner of 3rd & Franklin Street. In 1901, the Federation of Women’s Clubs, with Mrs. H. C. Merritt as its president, decided to take the library under its wing. It wasn’t until 1912 that the Women’s Club bought the McDaniel home for its headquarters and moved the library into its downstairs rooms. One of the earliest librarians at this location was Mrs. B. A. Woodard, a position that she held from 1923-1940.

The library board decided in 1923 that the city needed a free public library. Before that time, each patron paid a yearly fee to become users of facilities. By 1927, there were 1098 patrons enrolled at the library. The library did not start using the Dewey Decimal System until 1943.

The library’s popularity grew and it joined the Regional Library System in 1948.

With this continued growth, it was decided that the library needed to expand beyond the Women’s Club umbrella and become its own entity. It moved out of the Women’s Club building in 1958 and into the American Snuff Company Building.

By 1959, the library became the Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library.

With the building of a new Health Department building near the Memorial Hospital, the county put the library in the old health department building at 329 Main Street in 1962, where it remained until its move to its present location in 1995.

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Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library

350 Pageant Lane

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