Armory Ranges

Armory Ranges



 (615) 730-8054

 4290 Kenilwood Drive, Nashville, TN 37204

Armory Ranges is the hub name given for the two chief shooting ranges in Tennessee, Nashville Armory and the Franklin Range. Each store offers a noteworthy retail showroom, homerooms, and best in class indoor shooting range. Their offices rank as one of the biggest and most developed gun facilities in the nation. Nashville Armory and Franklin Range’s retail shop offers a full line of guns, extras, ammo, attire, and blades.

Whether it’s your first time holding a gun, or you’re an accomplished shooter, you will be met and guided by experts who will guide you and give you a safe and comfortable environment for your shooting needs.

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Armory Ranges

4290 Kenilwood Drive

Nashville, TN 37204